CompTIA A+ Skills and Knowledge

CompTIA A+ Skills and Knowledge

The CompTIA A+ certification serves as a foundation certification for IT professionals. This certification is extremely versatile as it covers a wide range of fundamental IT topics that are suitable for both experienced and inexperienced IT professionals of entry-level. Unlike other popular IT certifications available, the CompTIA A+ is a vendor-neutral certification. That is why it is perfect for those IT professionals who wish to get their IT skills validated and earn an IT credential that is globally accepted, which will also help them advance their IT career.

The New A+ Core Series CompTIA recently replaced the A+ certification with a new A+ Core Series. In order to obtain the new A+ certification, you will now need to clear two new exams; 220-1001 and 220-1002 exam, respectively. Unlike the previous A+ certification exam, the new CompTIA A+ core series focuses more on practical knowledge and training needed for cloud computing, network operations, and management.

The new CompTIA A+ certification covers the following key areas:

• Fundamentals of IT security such as physical and logical safety, in addition to spotting and removing any malware

• Installing and maintaining IoT infrastructure according to the latest networking protocols and benchmarks

• Ensuring smooth working and uptime of the network for all users

• Coordinating with programmers and coders to detect weaknesses in coding

• Ensuring data privacy • Arranging mechanisms for data recovery after disaster management

• Setting up and configuring operating systems, peripheral devices and virtual machines

• Setting up basic computer hardware as well as networks for offices • Maintaining the overall security of the company's operating systems 


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